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11 Jun, 2020

Take care of Hair in Rainy Season

While you may have the urge to get your hair wet in a drizzle, remember that rain water is dirty and acidic, which is really bad for your hair. So, keep hair dry unless you’re caught in a torrential downpour. 1.Wash your hair regularly with water and shampoo alternate day. 2.Do not tie wet hair as it leads to accumulation of heat. 3.It is advisable to get your hair trimmed every 5-6 weeks. This will remove the dead hair and help bring out a fresh layer of gorgeous hair for you. 4.Nourish your hair frequently with homemade remedies like warm oil massages and egg white masks etc. 5.Take a necessary care of your diet. 6. The right shampoo should be picked depending on the content of the shampoo. 7. Ensure that you use a sulphate free and sodium chloride free shampoo.After every shampoo, the conditioning is a must, it detangles the hair and makes it manageable to comb, thus decreasing the breakage. 8.During head baths, ensure that extreme water temperature is not used for head baths as it dries away the scalp leading to damage o the hair. 9.It is advisable not to wash hair with hard water, ensure that at least you take the last rinse with soft water. 10.Swimming in chlorine filtered waters can impact your hair. Ensure that your head is covered with a water proof cap.Experimenting with hot styling tools can have negative effects on your hair. Ensure that you do not get these styling treatment every frequently. It is better to avoid all kinds of cosmetics like gels and styling cremes on your hair, in the long run, they damage the hair.

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