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12 Oct, 2022

Is Hair Patching System Better Than Hair Transplant?

If you want a high density look, then hair patches can be helpful for you. There are many types of hair patches like hair clipping, taping, etc. What we normally see is a hair patch fixed with glue in the bald head. This method can be good if you are completely bald from front and type of quality of hair patch will give you a natural look. But in case of hair transplant you have to regularly take care of your hair for lifetime. If not taken care properly, there is again chance of getting bald. There is also no guarentee that your hair tranplant could be a success but if you have lost only few hairs then hair tranplant is ideal for you. But if are already bald and want a high density hair look then it is impossible by hair transplant. Hair clipping is one of the best method of hair fixing. Even without cutting hairs, clients can have hair fixed. Its just a cliping method. I think both of them have thier own benefits and disadvantages. So its up to you which you want.

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