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30 Jun, 2023

" Hair Care Tips in Monsoon "

1.Do not tie wet hair as it leads to accumulation of heat. 2.It is advisable to get your hair trimmed every 5-6 weeks. This will remove the dead hair and help bring out a fresh layer of gorgeous hair for you. 3.Nourish your hair frequently with homemade remedies like warm oil massages and egg white masks etc. 4.Take a necessary care of your diet. All ingredients of balanced diet should be taken on a regular basis so that nutrition is not compromised. A diet rich in protein, omega 3 fat acids and biotin is crucial for health o f the hair. 5.The right shampoo should be picked depending on the content of the shampoo. Ensure that you use a sulphate free and sodium chloride free shampoo. 6.Wash your hair regularly with water and shampoo alternate day.

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