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15 Aug, 2012

Hair Loss Prevention Treatment – Natural hair replacement

There are many causes of hair loss and curing all of them on time is very important. Preventing hair loss is simpler than treating it. We provide Hair Loss Prevention Treatment to both men and women regardless of their age. We come up with non-surgical and effective methods for preventing hair loss....

09 Mar, 2020

My Hair Is Getting Thin What Should I Do ?

Follow STEPS YOU SHOULD TAKE IMMEDIATELY: STEP 1: Visit a reputed hair care clinic & get a scientific check of your hair & scalp. It’s the basic requirement to know about hair thinning or hair fall reasons. STEP 2: The diagnosis will give an insight into the real cause of your problem. Th...

21 Mar, 2020

Hair Care

*Deep condition your hair on regular basis*:- Condition your hair on regular basis to keep your hair healthy this summer. Condition your hair at least once a week if you have a very tight schedule and cannot take much time for your hair care. Oil Massage : Try hot oil massage once a week to reta...

24 Jul, 2020

Are Hair Patches Comfortable?

The prosthetic hair patch is custom made, to resemble the patient's hair and sit perfectly on his head. Hair patches look much more natural than wigs. Moreover, wigs are generally a solution to complete hair loss. The treatment is very effective and the hair installation is absolutely painless.

01 Aug, 2020

Is Hair Fixing Safe?

Safe and Effective: Non-surgical hair fixing treatment is totally safe and delivers promising results. There are no risks associated with this unique treatment. Doesn't Cost Much: A non-surgical hair fixing treatment is not too expensive but it can deliver long-lasting and natural-looking results.

12 Oct, 2020

Is Hair Weaving Better Than Hair Transplant?

Since hair weaving is a non-invasive procedure, the patient does not experience any pain. The process is quick and a lot cheaper than hair transplants. However, it is better solution for hair loss. Trained non-medical professionals can easily perform hair weaving and that makes it relatively cheaper...

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